The Reason European Cars are more Expensive than American cars

European cars do have a higher price than their rivals, such as American or Japanese cars. In fact, not only the purchase price, but also the price of European car maintenance which is also expensive.
But, not a few also want to have a car with a European brand, such as BMW, Mercedes or Audi. Of course this is because European cars are already famous for their luxury.
So, what makes this European car expensive?

Launch Autotrader, believe it or not, European cars are expensive not because of their luxury. But, there are some other things that make it expensive.

Currency Exchange Rates

This exchange rate is very important because the fluctuations affect the profits for overseas manufacturers. Unfortunately, car companies cannot determine prices based solely on currency values.

As a result, European vehicles are more expensive than others. Although for example, the vehicle is manufactured in another country. The price will still be high, because the main components are still produced in Europe.


Another reason why European cars are more expensive than American and Japanese cars is about the quality of the material used. No doubt, if when driving a European car, it will feel different from the suspension to the features.

This certainly affects the selling price. In comparison, luxury cars made in America and Asia focus more on the value of aspects of luxury cars that are difficult to compete with, such as European luxury cars.

As a result, they use inexpensive components, which makes selling points cheaper.


Another reason is the brand. Take a look, Mercedes-Benz is more valuable than Infiniti, in the sense that consumers will usually pay more for Mercedes than Infiniti.

This also applies to other European car brands, such as BMW, Audi, Jaguar and Land Rover, when compared to Lexus, Acura, Cadillac, and Lincoln.

Once European manufacturers build a strong reputation, they also instill something premium in it.

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